Experience the digital dealership of the future.

From online booking, license plate recognition, fleet management
to service and workshop planning and digital dialogue reception.


Your customers can book their preferred date - from anywhere


Your customers can easily book your desired date online and on any device: Integrate the booking form in your website, and your customers can easily find their appointments from their PC, smartphone or tablet.

You can also offer service packages online; you can select the services you wish to provide yourself. You may also choose to have short-term rates, and respond to customer requirements flexibly.

Our online booking system automatically coordinates the rest for you: KIC Online will always check the available dates in real time. 


Easy schedule your services - and free up extra time for your customers


A single, convenient calendar view displays all your appointments, at a glance and any time. You can easily move individual appointments by drag and drop, or save them for a later date. When an appointment is postponed, all downstream processes, such as substitute vehicle scheduling, are automatically adjusted for the change.

You can find customers that are already stored in your database within milliseconds by name or license plate. The corresponding data is then automatically transferred to the date mask. All entries made can be modified at any point of entering the appointment, without having to start all over again.

KIC Online operates in real time, which means that all users are always up to date with the scheduling, no matter where they are.



License plate recognition


KIC Online can be combined easily with other technologies; for example, you may use a camera to read the license plate of each entering vehicle, and report the arrival of your clients to the system early.

Your employees are then notified by smart watch, tablet or status monitor, and are thus in a position to prepare themselves for each individual customer.

You can use license plate scanners at all steps of the workshop process. In this way, the status of each vehicle present in the workshop may be always be displayed in real time - and fully automatically.


Service lane


After the license plate of the customer has been identified, they can be directed to a free service lane by KIC Online. Customers are notified where to park their vehicle by way of monitors. The service operators may then manage the dialogue reception there.


Arrival notification


Prepare for each customer individually by receiving a notification about their arrival early on. Thanks to the license plate recognition, KIC Online will notify your employees by smart watch, tablet or status monitor . If an employee is unavailable, KIC Online will check the pool of employees, and notify another member of staff or all service operators. In this way, all customers are attended to swiftly.


Welcome screen


Your customer should feel welcome at your company. For this purpose, KIC Online shows a personal greeting on a monitor, for example, at the entrance or in the waiting area. The license plate recognition data is transmitted to the system immediately. In this way, the scheduled appointment is displayed to your clients with all the relevant information on a splash screen when they enter your dealership. 


Keep all answers for your customers at hand.


You can design the entire reception dialogue digitally. The service operators are shown all customer and vehicle data on the tablet during the reception process.

The operator conducts all testing on the vehicle with the customer. At the time of the dialogue reception, additional services may be booked for an existing appointment. 

Any damage to the vehicle can be documented directly to the tablet camera. You may also deposit a drawing with marks for individual body parts precisely for each vehicle type - entirely digitally.

The customers may then sign off the acceptance protocol on the tablet. Questionnaires and protocols may be adapted to your individual CI to ensure that everything remains optically uniform.


Straightforward workshop scheduling - leaves extra time for your work.


Schedule your workshop at the team, shift or workstation level. Thanks to KIC Online, you have an overview, and are in a position to operate efficiently even at peak times.

In KIC Online, you can put together employee teams by work area or by workstation. The working week preview helps you track your utilisation. If the workload of a team is too high, this will be displayed at an early stage in the hazard view.

The team planning permits to access optimally composed working groups at all times, and even at peak loads. A clear timeline indicates the productivity factors of teams at any time in view.

Schedule the shifts of your employees and manage their attendance and absence; in this manner, sufficient resources are always available, even at times of high workloads


Multi-channel communication


Communicate with your customers easily and across all channels. Whether it be SMS, WhatsApp, or facebook messenger: Customers may choose how to communicate with you - and you will receive everything. In this manner, you may send event reminders, and take note of agreements or clarify issues swiftly


Our partners


ProfitBricks GmbH, the value for money champion in the IaaS public cloud, provides scalable IT resources, easy configuration and management, as well as 24/7 support by experienced system administrators. The virtualised data centres behave in the same way as real hardware; migration is possible at any time. The systems are fully compliant with the strict German privacy regulations. Customers pay by the minute, ie only for capacities that were actually used. For further information visit


Real multi-centre scheduling

Simply open multiple tabs in your browser to work with multiple centres simultaneously.


Key Account Management

Permit fleet customers to make their own appointments at any time, leaving more time for sales.


Efficient work with large numbers of customers

Find your customers and their data by name or identifying mark within milliseconds.



For many DMS, CRM or time recording systems.


Comfortable shift management

All your shifts are shown by a scalable graphical overview (daily/weekly and monthly view) at any time.

All services at a glance

Your customer service representatives always have their current work steps at hand thanks to the integrated SIP, eliminating chaotic paperwork.



KIC automatically adjusts to the resolution of any terminal, and always looks good on phones, tablets or PCs.

Order status

Complete transparency for all processing steps.


Form management

Create individual checklists and send them to your customer in PDF format.


Scanner module

Enter the appointment status swiftly, easily and without errors.


Flexible resources

Conduct your scheduling anywhere you like, in the call centre, in the shop or from your home offi­ce, on any device and without installation.

VIP status

You can recognise your regular customers easily, and foster their loyalty with attractive offers.


Substitute vehicle administration

All substitute vehicles and their status in the eye, and at all times. Book the appropriate vehicle for your customers with a single click.


Status tracking

Display the current status to your customers with 100% accuracy.


100 % digital

From online bookings to signature.


Software as a Service

No server hardware required - all data are stored offsite in a highly secure data center in Germany.



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